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Privacy Policy

Version 9

Created:  June 7th, 2023

This "Privacy Policy" section informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of Hybrid Animals.

Information stored by Unity Ads

UnityAds, a third-party company that provides the advertisements that appear in Hybrid Animals, collects certain information about the user in order to serve personalized ads. This includes various things such as the user's device-id or advertisement-engagement history. Detailed information about what is and isn't tracked can be found at either of the following links: Android Devices and Apple Devices. The data tracked by UnityAds may be subject to change, so please check those links frequently. If you wish to have UnityAds stop tracking your data, or if you wish for them to delete the information they have on you, please contact UnityAds directly, or contact Abstract Software Inc and we will contact UnityAds on your behalf.

Information stored by Abstract Software

When the user does not play in Online mode, Abstract Software does not collect any sensitive data on the user.

However, if the player chooses to play in Online mode, a number of variables may be stored on our servers about the user. These variables may include the user's chosen username, the user's friends list, the user's ip-address (only if the user is banned), and other variables. These variables are collected solely for the purpose of preventing malicious users from accessing Online Play, and to allow players to play with their friends, and are not used for advertising purposes. There are basic security measures protecting this data, but be cannot ensure that there will not be a data breach in the future. We hope to upgrade our security further in the future. In compliance with GDPR, you may request a copy of the data we have stored about you. To do this, submit an inquiry on the Contact Us page, and we will try to get back to you. Please note that we receive many emails on a daily basis, and it may take a long time to receive a response.

User Risk

Hybrid Animals is to be used at the user's own risk. We have listed any known concerns above, but there might be undiscovered flaws with the app that we have not considered.

Privacy Policy Requirement

Users will be required to accept the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy in order to play Hybrid Animals. When a new version of the Privacy Policy is published, a popup should appear immediately when the Hybrid Animals app is launched. Users will not be able to progress beyond this screen without accepting the newest version of the Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Hybrid Animals Terms of Use

Version 9

Created:  June 7th, 2023


Agreement to Terms of Use

To access and use the Hybrid Animals application, users must agree to our current Terms of Use. Upon the introduction of an updated version of these terms, a notification will promptly appear when launching the Hybrid Animals app. It's essential to note that users will be unable to continue using the application without accepting these updated Terms of Use. By accepting our Terms of Use, users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to comply with these terms. Non-acceptance or violation of these terms may result in the suspension or termination of access to the Hybrid Animals application. Abstract Software Inc. reserves the right to amend these terms at any time, and it is the responsibility of the user to review and accept these changes to maintain access to the application.

Community Interaction - Content Disclaimer

The main menu of the Hybrid Animals application contains a feature labeled as "Community". Upon activation, this feature redirects users to the Hybrid Animals subreddit ( Please be aware that while this subreddit undergoes intermittent moderation by Abstract Software Inc. staff and community-appointed moderators, it's possible that inappropriate or offensive content might be posted and remain unaddressed for a certain period of time.

By using Hybrid Animals and engaging with the Community feature, users acknowledge and accept the potential risk of exposure to such content. Abstract Software Inc. expressly disclaims any liability for any offensive or inappropriate content encountered on the subreddit.

If users find the presence of the Community feature or potential exposure to such content objectionable, they are advised not to use the Hybrid Animals application. For concerns directly related to the content on the subreddit, users may wish to engage with Reddit's established mechanisms for reporting and handling offensive or inappropriate content.

Potential Game Data Loss

As Hybrid Animals is in its developmental stages, there may be instances of technical glitches leading to the loss of game data. Despite our best efforts to prevent such occurrences, data loss may occur and is an inherent risk associated with the use of this application. Abstract Software Inc. is actively working on enhancing the robustness of our save system to minimize such incidents. With updates to the Hybrid Animals application, it's possible that your game data might be lost or overwritten in certain rare instances. Additional reasons for game data lost include but are not limited to system cleanup or uninstallation of the app, insufficient device storage, user manipulation of files, or game glitches. Please note that while we strive to prevent any loss of data, Abstract Software Inc. cannot be held responsible or liable for any data loss or related damages that might occur while using the Hybrid Animals application. By using the Hybrid Animals application, you acknowledge and accept the potential risk of game data loss.

Online Mode – Potential for Inappropriate Content and Age Restriction

While using the Online Mode of the Hybrid Animals application, there exists a chance that users may encounter content that may be considered inappropriate. Despite our implementation of certain measures, including a profanity filter and a link-blocking system, we cannot guarantee their absolute effectiveness in all cases. These measures are subject to modifications or removal at any given time.

Users have the option to report any inappropriate content or behavior to Abstract Software Inc. using the available "Report" functions within the game. While we make our best effort to ban individuals who act inappropriately and to remove any inappropriate content promptly, we cannot guarantee that users will not encounter such content during their gameplay.

If you find the existence of Online Mode, with its inherent risks, unsuitable, we recommend that you refrain from using the Hybrid Animals application. Please note that due to the potential for encountering inappropriate content, users are asked to confirm if they are at least 13 years old upon their initial login to the Online Mode.

By choosing "Yes" to this age query, users acknowledge that they are at least 13 years old and thereby able to participate in the Online Mode. Acceptance of these conditions confirms that you understand the potential risks and that Abstract Software Inc. cannot be held liable for any distress, harm, or damages that may arise from encountering such inappropriate content.

Online Mode - Right to Deny Access

Abstract Software Inc. reserves the right to refuse or limit any user's access to Online Mode without liability, typically in response to inappropriate behavior, harassment, or attempted game manipulation.

In-App Purchases - Gems

Within the Hybrid Animals game, users have the opportunity to obtain an in-game currency referred to as 'Gems'. This can be accomplished either by watching advertisements or through direct purchases using real-world currency. The intention for the usage of Gems is to unlock various game features or for one-time actions such as enabling Mutations or acquiring Companions. Both the Google Play and Apple App Stores categorize these (Gems) as "consumable" purchases. For additional clarity on this concept, we encourage you to look up "consumable in-app purchase".


Please note, once Gems are spent, they cannot be reclaimed. Furthermore, Gems, along with any features or benefits unlocked using them, are subject to potential data loss as they are stored locally on your device and not in cloud storage. Please refer to our 'Potential Game Data Loss' section for more information.


The ability to transfer Gems between devices is currently uncertain. For more details, please refer to the 'Data Portability Across Devices' section. In the event of data loss involving Gems, please refer to our 'Refund Policy' section for the appropriate course of action.


By accepting these terms, users acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the inherent risks involved with acquiring and using Gems. Abstract Software Inc. disclaims any liability for any potential loss or damages incurred from the use or loss of Gems.

Data Portability Across Devices

Please note that Abstract Software Inc. does not officially support the transfer of game data between different devices for the Hybrid Animals game. Users may independently make attempts to restore purchases through the 'Restore Transactions' option, but please be aware that success in this restoration is not assured, particularly in the case of Gems, which are classified as "consumable" in-app purchases by both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Any issues or challenges encountered during this process should be addressed directly to the customer support of Google Play or the Apple App Store, as applicable. As a user, you bear full responsibility for the consequences of any attempts to transfer data between devices. Abstract Software Inc. expressly disclaims any liability for the loss of data or any other adverse outcomes resulting from such attempts.

In-App Purchases - Companions and Mutations

As part of the gaming experience within Hybrid Animals, users have the opportunity to utilize Gems, an in-game currency, for acquiring a Companion. Please note, Companions in the game are susceptible to in-game events which may lead to their demise and they are not recoverable postmortem. Furthermore, unexpected data loss events may result in the sudden disappearance of these Companions. If you encounter such a circumstance with your Companion, kindly refer to the 'Refund Policy' section of this document. Please be aware, Companions placed in public servers or within other player's worlds may be subject to removal without prior notice.


Similarly, users may employ Gems to engage in a game feature called Mutations with another creature within the game. In the event that your in-game character succumbs to a game event leading to death after having employed Mutations, be informed that these Mutations are not recoverable. Additionally, unexpected data loss could lead to sudden disappearance of Mutations. If you experience a loss of this kind, please refer to the 'Refund Policy' section of this document.

By making use of Companions and Mutations in the game, users understand and accept these conditions and risks.

Mutant Market - Premium Furniture Adjustment

At times, Abstract Software Inc. reserves the right to alter the availability and status of premium furniture within the Mutant Market. This includes, but is not limited to, transitioning certain premium items to be free for all users. Upon such changes, descriptions within the Mutant Market will be updated accordingly. In the event of such transitions, Abstract Software Inc. will introduce one or two new items of premium furniture to replace those altered. For those users who had previously unlocked the now free-to-use furniture, these new items will automatically be available for them at no additional cost. This complimentary availability is a gesture of goodwill from Abstract Software Inc. and does not create any legal obligation for similar compensations in the future.

Historically, such changes have included:

  • Conversion of the 30-day Land Claim to a free item, with the introduction of the Double Crate as its premium replacement (This was due to 30-day Land Claims becoming obsolete due to the removal of Public Servers).

  • Transitioning Paintings to free availability, and the subsequent introduction of both the Paint Mixer and Stamp Maker as their premium replacements.

Please note that this section is purely informative and does not alter your rights or obligations as described elsewhere in these Terms of Use. Abstract Software Inc. reserves the right to make such changes at its sole discretion, without prior notice or liability.

Refund Policy

In the event that you, as an Android user, experience loss of Gems or other in-game purchases, we recommend reaching out to Google's customer support for possible resolution including potential refunds. Similarly, if you are an iOS user experiencing such a loss, we advise you to seek assistance from Apple's customer service. Please note, Abstract Software Inc. cannot assure the outcome of these refund requests as they are subjected to the respective refund policies of Google and Apple. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, users acknowledge and accept this aspect of the game's operational framework.

Mystery Box Rewards

Within the Hybrid Animals game, users have the opportunity to accumulate Gems, Gold, rare items, new creatures, among other rewards, by watching advertisements via the "Mystery Box" feature. It is important to note that the distribution of certain rewards from the Mystery Boxes does not follow a completely random pattern. The likelihood of acquiring Gems as a reward diminishes in relation to the amount of Gems a user currently possesses, as well as the quantity of Gems previously rewarded. Furthermore, the acquisition of Free Creatures from Mystery Boxes is subject to certain limitations. The odds of receiving any given reward may be subject to alterations, arbitrarily and without prior notification, between different game versions. By using the "Mystery Box" feature, users agree to accept these conditions.

Identifying Accepted Terms of Use Version

To confirm the version of the Terms of Use that you have acknowledged and accepted, please navigate to the main menu and click on the Settings icon, typically depicted as a gear button. Look for an entry denoted as "T.O.U Version" or a similar notation, typically found in the top-left section of your screen. This entry indicates the version of the Terms of Use that you have previously agreed to while using our services. By continuing to use our services, you affirm your understanding and agreement to this process.

Old Versions of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Version 8 of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found HERE

If you would like a copy of any of the previous version of the Privacy Policy or Terms of Use,
please contact us.

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