Privacy Policy

Version 5

Created:  October 9th, 2021

This "Privacy Policy" section informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of Hybrid Animals.

Information stored by Unity Ads

Our ad provider, UnityAds, may collect some data on the user, in order to track information such as how many ads were viewed, etc. This information may include the user's device-id, among other things. For more information, please visit the UnityAds website. If you wish for UnityAds to delete the information they have on you, or to opt out of data collection, there should be a 'settings' button that appears when an advertisement is triggered in Hybrid Animals - once pressed, there should be a button that allows you to delete the data that has been collected, or opt out of data collection. If you are having any trouble with this, do not hesitate to contact us - we will get into contact with UnityAds on your behalf and attempt to sort out any issues you may be having.

Information stored by Abstract Software

When the user is not playing in Online mode, Abstract Software does not collect any sensitive data on the user.

However, if the player chooses to play in Online mode, a number of variables may be stored on our servers about the user. These variables may include the user's device-id, the user's chosen username, the user's friends list, the user's ip-address, and other variables. These variables are collected solely for the purpose of preventing malicious users from accessing Online Play, and are not used for advertising purposes. There are basic security measures protecting this data, but be cannot ensure that there will not be a data breach in the future. We hope to upgrade our security further in the future. In compliance with GDPR, you may request a copy of the data we have stored about you. To do this, submit an inquiry on the Contact Us page, and we will try to get back to you. Please note that we receive many emails on a daily basis, and it may take a long time to receive a response.

User Risk

Hybrid Animals is to be used at the user's own risk. We have listed any known concerns above, but there might be undiscovered flaws with the app that we have not considered.

Privacy Policy Requirement

Users will be required to accept the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy in order to play Hybrid Animals. When a new version of the Privacy Policy is published, a popup should appear immediately when the Hybrid Animals app is launched. Users will not be able to progress beyond this screen without accepting the newest version of the Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Hybrid Animals Terms of Use

Version 5

Created:  October 9th, 2021


The user also agrees to all sections of the Terms of Use, listed below. There may also be various Disclaimers (see below: Public Servers Disclaimer, and Age Disclaimer) shown to the player in game, to inform them of any risks involved with certain features of the game.

Community button - Inappropriate content

On the main menu of Hybrid Animals, there is a button that says "Community". If pressed, it takes the user to the Hybrid Animals subreddit ( While this subreddit is moderated from time to time by Abstract Software staff and community moderators, there have been known instances of inappropriate content being posted to the subreddit and not being removed for several hours or days. If the existence of this Community button is unsuitable for the user, do not use Hybrid Animals. If any inappropriate content is encountered on the Hybrid Animals subreddit, Abstract Software is not responsible. Concerns with the subreddit might be resolvable by the Reddit company itself.

Game data loss

Hybrid Animals is a work-in-progress game, and there exist many glitches which may cause you to lose game data. Game data loss is very common. We are working to improve the robustness of the save system. Updates to the game may cause your game data to be overwritten in rare cases.

Online Mode - Inappropriate content

We cannot guaranteed that the user will not see inappropriate content while playing in Online Mode. We have a swear word filter and a link-blocker at the moment, which may not function in all cases. The filter is subject to change or removal. There are moderators that come from Abstract Software and the Hybrid Animals reddit community, who will attempt to ban anyone acting inappropriately in Online mode, but it is very likely that the user will somehow see something inappropriate while using our online services. We intend to improve our inappropriate content filters in the future.

Online Mode - Age Disclaimer

Due to the high chances of encountering inappropriate content during online play, an extra disclaimer is shown to the user when they attempt to log in to Online Mode for the first time, that is similar to as follows: "Are you 14 years of age?". If the user selects "Yes", they may immediately join online mode. If the user selects "No", then they are asked to get their parent or guardian, to confirm that they are allowed to use Online mode.

Online Mode - Public Server Safety

The user has the ability to connect to Public Servers when playing online. Public Servers are worlds in Hybrid Animals that are hosted by players (not hosted by us), which any player can connect to and play on. Public Servers are moderated mainly by players, so there is a higher chance of encountering inappropriate content. We also cannot guarantee that all public servers are safe to connect to, since the Public Server software could in theory be modified/hacked. When connecting to a Public Server, your IP address and other information might be visible to the host. Public Servers are to be connected to at the user's own risk. If you are worried that the user might connect to unsafe Public Servers, do not allow the user to play online mode.

Online Mode - Public Servers Disclaimer

Due to some of the concerns with Public Servers, as listed above, when the user tries to connect to Public Servers for the first time, a disclaimer is shown that is similar to as follows: "Public Servers are hosted by random players, so administrators from Abstract Software are will not always be present to moderate inappropriate content. We cannot guarantee that any Public Server has not been modified, but there are basic measures in place to prevent hacking. Your IP and other information may be visible when you connect to certain Public Servers, so connect to Public Servers at your own risk"

Online Mode - Right to refuse service

We have the right to refuse access to Online Mode for any user, for any reason. This will likely be due to a user harassing others, behaving inappropriately, or attempting to hack the game.

Online Mode - No guarantee of service

We cannot guarantee online service to the user at all times. There are times when online service will not be available.

Online Mode - Public Server Hosting

There is a link in the game, in the 'Public Servers' tab, that re-directs to the Public Server Setup page. This page is meant for users who would like to host their own public servers. Before the user can download the Public Server Software, they must first accept the Public Servers Terms of Use. If the user decides to never host a Public Server, they are not required to accept the Public Server Terms of Use. The Public Servers Terms of Use can be found here:

Mutant Market - Gems

In the game, the user can acquire a consumable in-app purchase called 'Gems' by watching ads, or by purchasing them with money. Since the user's Gems are stored on their device in a file, this file might be deleted by the phone's operating system when the app is uninstalled, and the user's Gems might be cleared/reset. The file containing the Gems is also vulnerable to being corrupted, deleted, or not saved (some examples include: the user's phone runs out of storage space and is unable to save, or the user deletes the file, or the game runs into a glitch and is unable to save, or some other glitch). If you experience gem loss, please see the 'Refunds' section.

Mutant Market - Using Gems

In the game, the user can use Gems to unlock game features (ie. new animal packs, furniture packs, etc), or use Gems on single-use actions (ie. Mutation, hatch a Companion, etc). In this section, the "gem-usage-history" will refer to any time the user uses Gems in the Mutant Market on these game features or single-use actions. Since the gem-usage-history is stored on the same file as Gems, the gem-usage-history is subject to the same data loss vulnerabilities as Gems (listed in the section "Mutant Market - Gems"). If you experience loss of purchase data after using Gems, please see the 'Refunds' section.

Mutant Market - Companions

In the game, the user can use Gems to hatch a Companion. Sometimes, due to data loss, these companions may disappear unexpectedly. If one of your Companions disappears, please see the 'Refunds' section. These companions may be removed without warning, if placed on public servers or other player's worlds.


If you are an Android user and you lose Gems or purchases, please contact Google and seek a refund. If you are an iOS user and you lose Gems or purchases, please contact Apple and seek a refund. We cannot guarantee that Google or Apple will issue refunds, since it depends entirely on their refund policies.

Mystery Box Rewards

In the game, the user can acquire Gems, Gold, rare items, new creatures, etc, by watching ads through the "Mystery Boxes" mechanism. The odds of receiving certain rewards from Mystery Boxes are not completely random. The odds of receiving Gems as a reward from Mystery Boxes decreases with the number of Gems a user currently has, and also decreases with number of Gems that have been previously rewarded. The player also can only receive a limited number of Free Creatures from Mystery Boxes. The odds of receiving any reward may change arbitrarily and without notice, from game version to game version.

Terms of Use Requirement

Users will be required to accept the most up-to-date version of the Terms of Use in order to play Hybrid Animals. When a new version of the Terms of Use is published, a popup should appear immediately when the Hybrid Animals app is launched. Users will not be able to progress beyond this screen without accepting the newest version of the Terms of Use.

Knowing which Terms of Use version you have agreed to

You can check which version of the terms-of-use you agreed to, by clicking the Settings gear button on the main menu. It should appear in the top-left corner of your screen as "T.O.U Version" or something similar.

Old Versions of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Old Versions of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use that you may have agreed to are available for download below: