Terms and Conditions of Online Play

In this document, "the user" refers to ANY people using the device (could include family members, friends, children, etc). If new people begin using the device, it is your responsibility to familiarize them with these terms and conditions. "We" and "us" refers to Abstract Software Inc and its employees.

Inappropriate content

We cannot guaranteed that the user will not see inappropriate content while using our online services. We have a swear word filter and a link-blocker at the moment, which may not function in all cases. The filter is subject to change or removal. There are moderators that come from both the Hybrid Animals community and Abstract Software, who will attempt to ban anyone acting inappropriately for online play, but it is very likely that the user will somehow see something inappropriate while using our online services.

Public Servers

The user has the ability to connect to Public Servers when playing online. Public Servers are worlds in Hybrid Animals that are hosted by players (not hosted by us), which any player can connect to and play on. Public Servers are moderated mainly by players, so there is a higher chance of encountering inappropriate content. We also cannot guarantee that all public servers are safe to connect to, since the Public Server software could in theory be modified/hacked. When connecting to a Public Server, your IP address and other information might be visible to the host. Public Servers are to be connected to at the user's own risk. If you are worried that the user might connect to unsafe Public Servers, do not allow the user to play online mode.

Right to refuse service

We have the right to refuse service to the user, for whatever reason we feel. This will likely be due to a user harassing others or attempting to hack the game.

No guarantee of service

It is our intention to provide online service to the user at all times, however, we cannot guarantee online service to the user. There are times when online service will not be available. You are agreeing to the possibility of the user receiving no service whatsoever.



We are notifying you that we store the user's device-id on our game servers, for the purpose of stopping people from receiving free online service, among other things. At some point in the future, we may stop storing the user's device-id. The device-id files are not linked to the user's username on our servers, so if there is a data breach, usernames and device-ids can't be correlated easily.

What is the user's device-id? It depends on which version of Unity the game is using, and what operating system the user is using. The user's device-id is retrieved using the Unity/C# value "SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier". The string returned by this value is out of our control, and is not guaranteed to be non-sensitive. For more information, please refer to Unity documentation.


Security of user data

We cannot guarantee the security of the user's data stored on our servers. Not much data is stored other than the user's device id and data relating to their friends list, and those values are not stored together, so as far as we are concerned, the two cannot be correlated easily.

User data

We own all of the user's data that is exchanged between the user and our game servers, and we have the right to view, delete, modify, or otherwise change the user's game files (stored on the server) as we need to, for whatever reason we feel.

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