How to set up your server:


On your PC, download the most recent version of the Hybrid Animals Public Server app here: 



Once you have downloaded the server app, you must extract it, since it comes in a compressed (zipped) folder. Simply right-click the folder and press "Extract All..."


Once you have extracted the folder, find the HybridsPublicServer application and launch it.


Once the Hybrid Animals Public Server application has started running, type a name for your server into the console and press Enter.


Next, it will ask you what your Hybrid Animals username is. Enter it into the console, then press Enter. This step is to prevent banned players from hosting public servers.


Log in to Hybrid Animals on your phone or tablet, and click Multiplayer. In Hybrid Animals, you will get a popup to verify your identity. Press "YES" on this popup. Do not close the server software on your computer while you do this.


Once you have completed Step 6, your computer screen should look like the image below. Don't press ENTER yet, or close the app. Just leave it alone for now. Proceed to step 8.


Go to your server folder, and find a file named CONFIG. Open this file.


Edit the CONFIG file for your server. If you are confused about what to write, see WHAT TO WRITE IN THE CONFIG FILE. Don't forget to save the CONFIG file when you are finished!


(Optional) Customize your server's icon. This can be done by editing the "My Server Icon" image file included in the folder. Note: this file must be 32x32 pixels! Also, don't change the name of this file!


This is the final step, but the hardest step ... you must set up Port Forwarding on your computer, which will allow players to connect to your server over the internet. Since everyone's computers are different, you'll have to google "How to Port Forward". When you set up Port Forwarding, use the "Local IP address" and "Port to use" that you wrote in the CONFIG file. If you can't get Port Forwarding to work, CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: by enabling Port Forwarding and continuing to Step 12, you are showing your IP address to everyone on Hybrid Animals. Do not proceed if you are unaware of the risks.


Finally, go back to the server application, and press ENTER to start your server! If everything was set up correctly, you should be available to join your server in Hybrid Animals now! By default, you are a Moderator on your server. For a list of Moderator powers, or to add more moderators, see MODERATOR ABILITIES.

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